Conti 2006: Larry Little

Continental AGM, May 5th, 2006, Hannover:

My name is Larry Little and I'm a retired worker from your Charlotte, North Carolina plant. I worked for 32 years there, mostly as a tire builder. The cuts in health care coverage for retirees that you have unlawfully implemented at the Charlotte plant that will push many of us into poverty since we will have to use our pensions to pay for health care.

I have several questions for you:

How do you justify taking away affordable health care from retired workers who earned these benefits by giving the company 30 to 40 years of dedicated service? Does the company have no concept of social responsibility to workers who have given the best years of their life to the company? Isn't management trying to hide from shareholders its repeated blunders in the North American market by making its workers and retirees pay for these mistakes?

I and others Continental Tire employees will not be able to afford the $12,000 you are asking Charlotte retirees to pay since this payment will reduce my disposable income by 25 %. Since I have a heart ailment and other pre-existing conditions that will not allow me to obtain health insurance, I will be without any health care. Do you think that management's decision to rob us of our health care is something that any responsible company should do?

Given the skyrocketing costs of medical care and prescription drugs in the U.S. and the lack of a national health care program that can place companies in an uncompetitive position in the global marketplace, would Conti consider joining a coalition of business leaders and others in seeking a national health care system for the U.S.?

How big is our advertising budget for North America? Wouldn't it be better to spend this money on promoting Continental Tire products rather than spending it on countering the damage to our brand name and reputation that will come from the company's actions to destroy health care of thousands of Continental Tire's retirees?

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