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Dachverband der Kritischen
Aktionärinnen und Aktionäre

Postfach 30 03 07
50773 Köln

Pellenzstr. 39 (Hinterhaus)
50823 Köln

Telefon Mo bis Do
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Association of Ethical
Shareholders Germany
P.O.Box 30 03 07
D-50773 Köln

Pellenzstr. 39
D-50823 Köln

Phone Mon til Thu
+49-221-599 56 47

+49-221-599 10 24

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Welcome to the Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany

More than 30 years for peace, protection of the environment and human rights

Marikana Solidarity Week 12-16 March 2018 in London

The Shadow of Marikana is falling on Lonmin
Five years after the massacre of Marikan British-South African platinum mining company Lonmin has not fulfilled its obligations.
Hold Lonmin to account for its role in the Marikana Massacre!
An international alliance of non-governmental organizations is putting pressure on British-South African mining company Lonmin, the world´s third largest platinum producer. On 15 March the alliance led by the South African Bishop Johannes Seoka will explain their demands to the company management and shareholders in the annual general meeting (AGM) which will be held in Lincoln Centre, London.
Before the AGM a picket is co-organised by Marikana Miners Solidarity Campaign
and Decolonising Environmentalism. The South-African/European Campaign Network Plough Back the Fruits, Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany and London Mining Network are participating in and supporting this and other events in the Marikana Solidarity Week.

> Press release before AGM
> Campaign Leaflet Ethical Shareholders/Plow Back the Fruits
> Lonmin AGM 2018 and other events within Marikana Solidarity Week
> London Mining Network on Lonmin and Marikana
> Plough Back the Fruits

Campaign "Commodities - in conflict with human rights"

In 2015 Ethical Shareholders started the campaign "Commodities - in conflict with human rights". The campaign focusses on mining companies, other companies related to mining and banks that finance mining.

BASF AGM 2017: South African Miner Mzoxolo Magidwana spoke at BASF AGM
Mzoxolo Magidwana, AMCU leader Joseph Mathunjwa and Bishop Jo Seoka brought their demands to Lonmin´s main platinum customer BASF.
> Read their speeches
> Countermotions

Lonmin AGM 2017: Taking the Marikana Fight for Justice to the UK

In January 2017, Ethical Shareholders Germany, Plough Back the Fruits and London Mining Network participated in Lonmin AGM
> More information on mining, the Marikana massacre in South Africa and on Lonmin plc

BASF AGM 2016: Ethical Shareholders Germany propose provisions for Marikana compensation fund

The Board of Executive Directors continues to not meet its obligation of due diligence in the supply chain with regard to the British mining company Lonmin, of which BASF is its main customer for platinum. South African Bishop Jo Seoka demands 8 Million Euros for a compensation fund for the surviving dependents of the massacre of Marikana.
> Countermotions


A new business model for banks

Deutsche Bank AGM 2011: Ethical Shareholders achieve compensation.

Deutsche Bank - a lot to criticize!

As in previous years the Association of Ethical Shareholders and its member organizations call for a new business model. Various topics were raised as for instance the Panama Papers, the financing of Mountaintop Removal, the climate footprint and the financing of armament. After all, only little movement of the Deutsche Bank can be seen regarding these questions.
> Read more

Deutsche Bank: Investing in weapons manufacturing, speculating in farm production and gambling with subprime mortgages
Shareholder activists and customers in Germany are demanding that Germany´s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, change controversial financial practices like speculating in farm production, investing in weapons manufacturing and making profit from subprime mortgages. 
> TV documentary "A Crisis in Trust - The Case of Deutsche Bank" by Deutsche Welle
> German bank under fire in Florida and at home
> Deutsche Bank is Florida´s Slumlord

Ethical Shareholders Germany support Southeastern Wisconsin Common Ground against Deutsche Bank
The Association of Ethical Shareholders has supported Southeastern Wisconsin Common Ground in its fight against Deutsche Bank since 2010. In May 2011 CEO Dr. Josef Ackermann affirmed the bank´s financial commitment to the "Milwaukee Rising" Project.
> Press Release June 8, 2011: Deutsche Bank CEO Publicly Affirms Financial Commitment to Milwaukee Rising Project
> German TV magazine "Panorama" on the US foreclosure crisis, Deutsche Bank and Common Ground
> Wall Street Journal reported on Ethical Shareholders: " ... ´The denial of facts and the rejection of responsibility by the Management Board of Deutsche Bank in connection with the subprime crisis…casts doubts on the bank's credibility and thus leads to significant reputational damage,´ wrote the Association of Ethical Shareholders in Germany. ..."


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Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany
P.O.Box 30 03 07
D-50773 Köln
Office: Pellenzstr. 39
D-50823 Köln
Phone: 0049-221-599 56 47
Fax: 0049-221-599 56 47
Email: dachverband[at]kritischeaktionaere.de

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