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Henry Mathews Award

Henry Mathews, Manager of Ethical Shareholders Germany (+ 2006)
Paul Corbit Brown spoke via Skype to the Annual Meeting of Ethical Shareholders Germany.

The Association of Ethical Shareholders endowed the Henry Mathews Award in 2007. The award is named after the long-term executive secretary of the Association. Henry Mathews shaped the Association like no one else. He is responsible for the development from a small circle of critical activists to the hard-hitting association with more than 30 organizations as members.

Award Winner 2014: Maik Pflaum and Christliche Initiative Romero (CIR)

Award Winner 2013: Paul Corbit Brown and
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation
Brown and Keeper of the Mountains Foundation receive this year´s Henry Mathews Award for their special commitment to environment protection and human rights. Brown and the Foundation are dedicated to saving the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. They are strongly committed to fight mountaintop removal by mining companies and its financing by the banks.
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Award Winner 2012: Christian Russau and Kooperation Brasilien (KoBra)

Award Winner  2011: Axel Köhler-Schnura and Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren

Award Winner 2010: Thomas Küchenmeister and Aktionsbündnis Landmine.de

Award Winner 2009: Christiane Schnura and the Clean Clothes Campaign
The Clean Clothes Campaign has cooperated closely with the Association of Ethical Shareholders for many years. Members of the Campaign use annual general meetings of companies like Adidas, Puma and Metro to stand up for workers rights and to improve the labor conditions in international clothing and sport goods industries.

Award Winner 2008: Gregor Böckermann and „Ordensleute für den Frieden“ (IOF)
At the annual meeting of the Association of Ethical Shareholders (2008-09-20) the Henry Mathews Award was given to Gregor Böckermann and the Initiative “Ordensleute für den Frieden”. The award winners stand out for their relentless commitment and their imaginative actions against the policy of the Deutsche Bank.

Award Winner 2007: Heffa Schücking and the environmental and human rights organization „urgewald“
Urgewald’s commitment is relevant for the withdrawal of big German banks from financing the risky project of the nuclear power plant construction Belene in Bulgaria.

Prize designed by Verena Landau
The artist Verena Landau from Leipzig designed the prize. It consists of the documentation "Companion" and the edition "art heist: copy". Nine persons who personally knew Henry Mathews were interviewed for the documentation. They describe their meeting with this impressive person who was feared and respected as critic. The edition "art heist: copy" shows digital photomontages in which art representations displayed at the Hypovereinsbank are caricatured. Verena Landau already created the edition “pass over” for the Association of Ethical Shareholders. "Pass over" shows impressions of  annual general meetings which the Association of Ethical Shareholders attended.

Please order the documentation "Companions" on CD (price: € 10 + shipping or US $ 15 + shipping). Write an email to Association of Ethical Shareholders, dachverband[at]kritischeaktionaere.de.