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Mountaintop Removal

Paul Corbit Brown speaking at Allianz AGM 2013 in Germany

Mountaintop Removal in the Appalachians

Paul Corbit Brown and the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation are dedicated to saving the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. They are strongly committed to fight mountaintop removal by mining companies and its financing by the banks.

In 2013 Brown spoke at 10 Annual General Meetings of incorporated companies in Europe and called upon the executive boards to stop making profits at the expense of human beings and the environment.
By this he made an exceptional contribution to Ethical Shareholders´ project "Strengthening Ethical Shareholding – Calling Companies to Account for Their Ecological and Social Responsibility".

Paul Corbit Brown and Keeper of the Mountains Foundation received Ethical Shareholders´ Henry Mathews Award for their special commitment to environment protection and human rights.
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Interviews given and speeches delivered by Paul Corbit Brown
> Interview with Paul Corbit Brown: "The coal industry cannot continue without the banks"
> Sunday Herold (12 May 2013): "RBS under fire for backing coal companies that blast away mountaintops"
> Speech Paul Corbit Brown at Société Générale AGM (22 May 2013) in Paris

In 2014 Paul Corbit Brown came back to Europe and participated again in a number of Annual General Meetings
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