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Lonmin AGM 2018

Lonmin Annual General Meeting on 15 March 2018, 10.30am
Venue: Lincoln Centre, 18 Lincoln´s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ED
Picket in front of Lincoln Centre at 9.30am
Lonmin has delayed its AGM because it is about to be bought out by South African mining company Sibanye-Stillwater. Lonmin’s poor performance has made it a takeover target. Nearly 13,000 jobs are threatened; their loss would devastate already impoverished communities. The company has been under pressure from the banks and must sell to cover a debt of $150 million. Of the ten creditors, four are UK banks (HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Standard Chartered), one is a subsidiary and one (Investec) is double listed in London and Johannesburg.
The workers and community in Marikana are worried that if Lonmin disappears as an entity, who will be held responsible for its crimes? London is the financial hub of global mining. The banks and the City of London have shown time and again that they hold no brief except to maximise their profits. It is up to the pressure of public opinion to make sure that Lonmin is held to account.

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> Agenda of Lonmin AGM 2018 (notice of meeting)

Public meetings

Thursday, 15 March 2018, 7.00pm

9.30am: Picket at Lonmin AGM
Join us at Lincoln Centre, London. A samba band will be starting us off so the shareholders can hear us before we hear from Thumeka, Bishop Jo and Andries and have a quieter time of contemplation as we remember those who died.
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7pm: London and the Marikana Massacre
From the frontlines to the centre of extractive imperialism

Karibu Education Centre
7 Gresham Road, SW97PH London, United Kingdom
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Events co-organised by:
> Marikana Miners Solidarity Campaign
> Decolonising Environmentalism
> London Mining Network
> Plough Back the Fruits (South-African/European Campaign Network) and Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany are participating in and supporting the events.

Our speakers from South Africa

Photo: s.inyourpocket.com
Photo: Markus Dufner/DV
Gallo Images/Theana Breugem

Thumeka Magwangqana
South African civil rights activist and head of the women‘s organization Sikhale Sonke ("We cry together").
Since the Marikana massacre Sikhale Sonke campaigns for better working and living conditions of the mining affected communities.





Johannes Seoka

Former Anglican Bishop of Pretoria, South Africa.
On 16 August 2012, Bishop Seoka was in Marikana and tried to prevent the massacre in which 34 miners were killed by South African police forces.




Andries Nkome

Nkome Attorneys Pretoria, South Africa.
Andries Nkome called for further action against Lonmin and politicians accused of causing the Marikana massacre. He was the first attorney who offered legal services for free to 279 injured and arrested mineworkers.



Commodities - in conflict with human rights

A close look on the supply chain in the mining sector
With their campaign "Commodities - in conflict with human rights" Ethical Shareholders Germany examine the supply chain sustainability in the mining sector and take a close look on mining companies and the financiers of mining.

Plough Back the Fruits - catalogue of the exposition

Plough Back the Fruits Campaign
Watching the Lonmin-BASF supply chain
The campaign aims to support the Marikana people´s fight for justice.
The European initiators of the campaign are a network of independent German, Swiss and Austrian NGOs and activists. Some of them were already involved in the struggle against the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
In 2014/2015 the European initiators started to join forces with partners in South Africa. Since then the campaign has been collaborating with the families of victims of the Marikana massacre, supporters and NGOs and strives to strengthen alliances with mineworker communities in Marikana, activists, researchers, NGOs and progressive unions in South Africa as well as in Europe.
> Better Living Conditions for South African Miners (campaign leaflet)

Mannheim, 12 May 2017

Mzoxolo Magidwana speaking to 5,500 BASF shareholders
Bishop Seoka and his wife were among the activists commemorating the 34 killed miners
Solemn vigil in Mannheim (Germany) before the start of BASF AGM

South African Miner Mzoxolo Magidwana spoke at BASF AGM:
"We want to live a life in dignity"

It was an unforgettable day. Last Friday Ethical Shareholders accompanied the South African mine worker Mzoxolo Magidwana to the BASF shareholder meeting. Mzoxolo was very moved when he saw the many supporters who took part in the vigil before the Rosengarten in Mannheim and commemorated his 34 colleagues from the platinum mine Marikana.
When Mzoxolo later stood at the microphone and described the massacre of August 16, 2012, there was a tense silence among the 5,500 shareholders. You could tell the BASF board members felt uncomfortable.
Mzoxolo was lucky. Hit by nine bullets, he was struggling for his life for six months in the intensive care unit. But even today, he suffers pain.
Mzoxolo and the workers of the South African-British mining company Lonmin wish to lead a life in dignity. But this is still not possible. They continue to live in corrugated huts without water and without connection to the sewers. "I know that BASF buys platinum for several million Euros a week that we have taken from the ground," said Mzoxolo. "We only want to live a life in dignity."
> Speech of Mzoxolo Magidwana
> Speech of Joseph Mathunjwa, Chairman of the AMCU
> Speech of Bishop Jo Seoka

London, 23-26 January 2017

Lonmin Annual General Meeting 2017
Plough Back the Fruits Campaign challenges British-South African Mining Company
An international alliance formed by Plough Back the Fruits Campaign, London Mining Network, Amnesty International UK and others protested in front of Haberdasher´s Hall before they participated in Lonmin´s Annual General Meeting. Bishop Seoka from South Africa's Bench Mark Foundation demanded from the Lonmin as a company to express their regret for their role in the Marikana massacre of 16th of August 2012.
Bishop Seoka, Barbara Müller (Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaing - KEESA) and Markus Dufner (Ethical Shareholders Germany) being representatives of Plough Back the Fruits Campaign spent one week in London to challenge institutional shareholders to commit to divesting from Lonmin, if a list of the organisation's demands will not met by the company before the 5th anniversary of the Marikana masscre.
> Press Release after Lonmin AGM
> Video: NGO Protest before Lonmin AGM: 34 Miners Killed! (LMN)
> Video: Protestors at Lonmin AGM call for Marikana apology (Deutsche Welle)
> The Telegraph: "Lonmin ´regrets´ Marikana massacre as protestors call for action"
> Press Release after Lonmin AGM
> "Avoiding responsibility": Minutes from Lonmin AGM 2017
> Press Release before Lonmin AGM
> London Mining Network