About us

More than 30 years for peace, protection of the environment and human rights

The Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany was founded in 1986 by several non-governmental organizations like environmental, human rights and anti-Apartheid groups. Currently the Association has 29 member organizations.
Ethical shareholders file counter-proposals and participate in annual general meetings (AGMs) in Germany and other European countries.

Our goal is for companies to improve their environmental, social and governance standards. In particular, we demand:

  • Effective and transparent implementation of climate-related, environmental and human rights due diligence obligations along value chains
  • Sustainable production of goods
  • Stop of arms production and export
  • Nuclear-free and renewable energy production
  • Living wages in all companies and their suppliers
  • Promotion of women in companies
  • Caps for manager salaries
  • A cooling-off period when a member of the board of directors joins the supervisory board

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