About us

More than 30 years for peace, protection of the environment and human rights

The Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany was founded in 1986 by several non-governmental organizations like environmental, human rights and anti-Apartheid groups. Currently the Association has 28 member organizations.
Ethical shareholders file counter-proposals and participate in annual general meetings (AGMs) in Germany and other European countries.

Ethical shareholders demand:

  • sustainable production of goods
  • stop for military production and export of weapons
  • a nuclear-free and renewable energy production
  • living wages in all companies and their suppliers
  • the promotion of women in companies
  • a cap for manager salaries
  • a cooling-off period when a member of the board of directors joins the supervisory board
  • the introduction of a lobby register

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Anna Backmann

Münster, born 1981, economist and environmental scientist.
Consultant at Christian Initiative Romero (CIR) and responsible for campaign and public relations work with a focus on raw material extraction and consumption.

Jens Hilgenberg

Berlin, born 1976, graduate political scientist and sociologist.
Head of Transport Policy at Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND). …


Markus Dufner

born 1961, historian and political scientist (MA), trained journalist.
Since 2006 at Ethical Shareholders, now Managing Director.
1998 – 2002 Press and public relations officer at the aid organisation CARE Germany and the German Foundation for International Development (DSE/InWEnt).

Monia Flemming

born 1957, since 2016 team assistant at Ethical Shareholders