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“Stop the bulldozers once and for all”: Speech by Gianfranco D’Eramo, Custodi del Bosco d’Arneo

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Gianfranco D’Eramo, I am speaking on behalf of the Italian action alliance Custodi del Bosco d’Arneo.

Since 2012 Porsche manages the Nardo’ Technical Centre (NTC) in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. The NTC, known as “the Ring,” has over 20 test tracks, 40 workshops, and various accessory services that provide top conditions for developing and testing activities. When it took over the NTC, Porsche also committed to preserve the Bosco d’Arneo, a 500-hectare oak-tree forest that hosts the NTC premises. This forest is centuries old and due to its rich biodiversity it is part of the network of protected areas safeguarded by EU Law. Weiterlesen

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