African raw materials for Germany. BASF as an example of supply chain responsibility

Event with Bishop Jo Seoka 2 May 2019, 7pm at VHS Heidelberg

In 2012 over 3000 South African miners went on strike in Marikana. The mining company Lonmin has been refusing to comply with the binding social plan for years. But the strike was brutally ended by the police and 34 workers died in a hail of bullets. BASF buys a large part of the platinum extracted in Marikana to use as catalysts, but rejects responsibility for the strike and its consequences, although it was fully aware of the workers’ situation – this was the only way platinum could be so cheap.

For years, the Anglican Bishop Jo Seoka has been coming to the BASF Annual Meeting in Mannheim at the invitation of the Church Office of Southern Africa and Ethical Shareholders Germany. Also this year he will denounce the catastrophic living and working conditions which led to the strike and which have not been eliminated until today. Simone Knapp from KASA will introduce the topic. Bishop Seoka will report on the current living situation in Marikana and make reference to the companies that purchase the raw materials. His presentation will be simultaneously translated into English.


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