“Amandla! Awethu! Power to the People!”

South African delegation held Lonmin to account for its role in the Marikana Massacre

In March 2018, an international alliance of non-governmental organisations put pressure on British-South African mining company Lonmin, the world´s third largest platinum producer. Five years after the massacre of British-South African platinum mining company Lonmin has not fulfilled its obligations.

Since Bishop Jo Seoka attended the Lonmin AGM in January 2017 little progress has been made at Marikana, despite promises made by the company. Therefore, Bishop Seoka and two community representatives came to London to present their demands to the Lonmin management.

Before the AGM a picket was co-organised by Marikana Miners Solidarity Campaign and Decolonising Environmentalism.

In the AGM Thumkeka Magwangqana, leader of women´s rights organisation Sikhala Sonke, held the Lonmin Board of Directors responsible for the Marikana massacre. Lonmin had called the police to end a strike in which 34 miners were killed by South African police forces on 16 August 2012. “I did not know that asking for a pay raise is a crime in a post-apartheid South Africa.”

Bishop Seoka also spoke to the Lonmin management and shareholders. “When I get home to Marikana, to my community, to the workers and their families, I wish that I can bring them good news. I want to tell them: ‘Those shareholders in the United Kingdom do care about you.’ Please, don’t let me return with empty hands. Amandla! Awethu! Power – to the People!”

The South-African/European Campaign Network Plough Back the Fruits, Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany and London Mining Network participated in and supported the Marikana Solidarity Week.

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