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“Talk to us and see for yourselves”: Letter from Gunarti to the shareholders of HeidelbergCement

Gunarti (left) at the HeidelbergCement Annual General Meeting 2017

Gunarti is a mother, grandmother and farmer, like her parents and grandparents. Gunarti (who, like many people on the Indonesian island of Java, has only one name) belongs to the Samin indigenous group and is a member of the Network of People who Care about the Kendeng
Mountains (JMPPK). JMPPK has been campaigning for years for the preservation of the karst mountains, which with their underground watercourses are indispensable for local agriculture. The construction of cement factories in the Kendeng Mountains, planned among others by Indocement, the subsidiary of the German HeidelbergCement, would deprive the local smallholders of their livelihood.

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“Why don’t you ask permission?”: speech from Khadja Bedati

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Management Board and Supervisory Board,

My name is Khadja Bedati, I speak for the Saharawi Youth and Ethical Shareholders Germany.

Last year, at the Annual General Meeting, I raised the issue of the cement factory in the Moroccan-occupied areas of Western Sahara.

It is commendable, Dr. Scheifele, that you are in favour of a peaceful and consensual solution to the Western Sahara conflict. You have acknowledged that Ciments du Maroc has built two grinding plants in the area whose international legal status has not been clarified, and that a referendum on this very issue is still pending. Weiterlesen

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