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„Full speed into the crisis“: NGOs demand actual change of course rather than lip service

  • The company’s clinging to fossil business is not future-proof
  • Siemens still plans to move forward with gas project in Israel against government decision
  • Siemens provides financial services worth millions to oil and gas companies

In Siemens‘ most recent sustainability report, CEO Joe Kaeser and his appointed successor Roland Busch claim to have learnt from last year’s Adani disaster. However, a look at Siemens’ current business dealings begs the question of how far-reaching this learning effect has actually been for the company. Recent research shows that Siemens’ Financial Services division finances companies driving large-scale oil and gas extraction projects in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the USA. Weiterlesen

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Regarding Agenda Item 3: To ratify the acts of the members of the Managing Board

The Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany requests that the acts of the members of the Managing Board not be ratified.

Supporting statement:

The Managing Board of Siemens AG has not adequately complied with its obligations as regards human rights due diligence. Moreover, the existing and announced climate protection measures do not fulfill the goals of the Paris Agreement.

“We have learned” – a dubious claim

Dr. Roland Busch and Joe Kaeser affirm in the foreword to the latest Sustainability Report that they have learned from past mistakes “such as the controversial delivery of safety systems to Adani’s Carmichael project” (Siemens Sustainability Information 2020, page 4). Weiterlesen

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“My generation and future generation’s lives are on the line”: Speech by Varsha Yajman

Thank you,

Like the previous speakers I will also deliver this speech in English and then there will be a German translation.

My name is Varsha, I am 17 years old and an organiser for School Strike for Climate Australia. Since I was born, CO2 has risen from around 313 ppm to 407 ppm. It’s scary to know that without urgent emission reductions, we could reach a point of no return in just 10 years – when I will be 27. 

Australia has suffered an unprecedented bushfire crisis this summer.  We have faced walls of flames over 70 metres high. Our biggest cities have been blanketed in hazardous smoke, 35 people have died, over 2000 homes have been turned into ash and more than a billion animals have been killed. Weiterlesen

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“Siemens will be known as accomplice in the death of the Great Barrier Reef”: Speech by Dr Lindsay Simpson

Mr Kaeser, we were born in the same year. 1957. When I was a young woman and wanted to travel, I was told that the world would always be there. There was no rush. How times have changed for the youth of today and tomorrow.

In the four and a half years my husband and I have been operating two boats in the Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef, entire bays full of coral and fish have been wiped out by Cyclone Debbie – one of the strongest cyclones we’ve ever experienced. Cyclones are getting stronger and more intense because of climate change. Weiterlesen

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“You are stabilising the illegal occupation”: Speech by Khadja Bedati

The spoken word shall prevail.

Dear Sirs and madams,
Dear managing board and supervisory board,

My name is Khadja Bedati, I speak for the Sahrawi Youth and the Association of ethical shareholders.

This is not the first time that I criticize Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy’s wind turbines in the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, which were erected without the consent of the Sahrawi people. Last year, Mr Kaeser, you referred me to Siemens Gamesa and promised answers that I have not yet received. I am asking you for those answers today, you cannot continue to hide behind your subsidiary, in which you are the majority shareholder with a 67% stake. Weiterlesen

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Photos: #StopAdani, Julian Meehan CC BY 2.0

Regarding Agenda Item 3: To ratify the acts of the members of the Managing Board

Ratification of the acts of the members of the Managing Board shall be denied. 


The Managing Board of Siemens AG is not sufficiently fulfilling its responsibility with regard to developing more effective climate protection measures. Measures to date are not sufficient to make a contribution towards reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement or the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to which Siemens AG is committed. 

Australia: Participation in the Adani Mine contradicts previous climate protection promises  

The decision to supply rail signaling technology for the planned Adani coal mine in Australia is an example of the lack of awareness for the problems associated with participating in climate damaging projects. Weiterlesen

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