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Despite the Ukraine war: Business with Russia continues. Our countermotions

Agenda item 3: Resolution on the discharge of the members of Uniper Management Board for financial year 2021

The Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany proposes not to discharge the members of the Board of Management.


The Board of Management does not honor its responsibility for climate protection and the necessity to reduce dependance on fossil energy, most prominently natural gas from Russia.

Massive increase of CO2 emissions, no focus on renewable energies

The Uniper Board of Management has supported the massive dependence on fossil natural gas, most prominently also sourced from Russia. More than half of Uniper’s power generation in 2021 was based on fossil natural gas and oil, compared to 2020 Uniper needed 15% oil and gas. Weiterlesen

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Two days ahead of Uniper’s AGM, Dutch state asks German court to review legal basis for compensation claims

  • Uniper uses Energy Charter Treaty to stifle measures to combat climate crisis
  • Energy utility’s fossil gas strategy incompatible with UN Climate Agreement
  • Supply chain deals reveal weak Human Rights standards

Today, the Dutch government announced it was asking a German court whether the arbitration cases brought forward by RWE and Uniper have a legal basis. The two German utilities had recently filed compensation claims under the Energy Charter Treaty framework (ECT) against the Dutch state for its coal phase-out. The Netherlands’ announcement comes two days ahead of Uniper’s annual general meeting.
„The ministry is of the opinion that the Coal Prohibition Act has been carefully drawn up and is the result of thorough democratic decision-making, in which all interests have been carefully weighed. Weiterlesen

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Uniper’s Power station Staudinger. Photo: Philipp Wedel CC BY-SA 3.0

Re agenda item 5: Resolution on the discharge of the members of Uniper SE’s Management Board for financial year 2019

Ethical Shareholders Germany moves not to discharge the members of the Management Board.

The Management Board of Uniper SE does not meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Change Convention and the UN’s guiding principles for business and human rights. Uniper’s central business model, power generation using the fossil fuels coal and gas, makes a decisive contribution to climate change.

Datteln IV: Adherence to power plant highlights problems of relying on coal-fired power generation

In order to still get the Datteln IV coal-fired power plant on the grid despite the coal phase-out, Uniper has offered to shut down its remaining coal-fired power plant units. Weiterlesen

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