African raw materials for Germany. BASF as an example of supply chain responsibility

Event with Bishop Jo Seoka 2 May 2019, 7pm at VHS Heidelberg

In 2012 over 3000 South African miners went on strike in Marikana. The mining company Lonmin has been refusing to comply with the binding social plan for years. But the strike was brutally ended by the police and 34 workers died in a hail of bullets. BASF buys a large part of the platinum extracted in Marikana to use as catalysts, but rejects responsibility for the strike and its consequences, although it was fully aware of the workers’ situation – this was the only way platinum could be so cheap. Weiterlesen

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Lonmin’s profits rise as Marikana community continues to suffer

Protesting Lonmin AGM

Lonmin announces solid financial performance ahead of drawn out takeover while refusing to secure 12,600 mine workers’ jobs

At Lonmin’s annual general meeting on 25 March 2019, while protesters gathered outside, the London-listed company announced profits of US$100 million. It spoke of preserving its assets rather than investing in the company ahead of a takeover bid by the gold mining giant Sibanye-Stillwater.

Lonmin executives urged shareholders to back the bid by the South African corporation, in a meeting that would have been focused on salvaging profit and shares, were it not for an alliance of Marikana solidarity groups present. Weiterlesen

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Campaign Plough Back the Fruits

Watching the Lonmin-BASF supply chain

The campaign aims to support the Marikana people´s fight for justice. The European initiators of the campaign are a network of independent German, Swiss and Austrian NGOs and activists. In 2014/2015 the European initiators started to join forces with partners in South Africa. Since then the campaign has been collaborating with the families of victims of the Marikana massacre, supporters and NGOs and strives to strengthen alliances with mineworker communities in Marikana, activists, researchers, NGOs and progressive unions in South Africa as well as in Europe. Weiterlesen

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“Amandla! Awethu! Power to the People!”

South African delegation held Lonmin to account for its role in the Marikana Massacre

In March 2018, an international alliance of non-governmental organisations put pressure on British-South African mining company Lonmin, the world´s third largest platinum producer. Five years after the massacre of British-South African platinum mining company Lonmin has not fulfilled its obligations.

Since Bishop Jo Seoka attended the Lonmin AGM in January 2017 little progress has been made at Marikana, despite promises made by the company. Therefore, Bishop Seoka and two community representatives came to London to present their demands to the Lonmin management.

Before the AGM a picket was co-organised by Marikana Miners Solidarity Campaign and Decolonising Environmentalism. Weiterlesen

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Video: Lonmin! We demand justice for Marikana

Protest on March 15, 2018, in London

At the Annual General Meeting of the British-South African mining company Lonmin, our alliance of South African and European NGOs protested and called upon the company to provide decent living conditions for its miners. The participants of our delegation from South Africa, civil rights activist Thumeka Magwangqana from the women’s organization Sikhale Sonke (“We cry together”), Bishop Johannes Seoka and attorney Andries Nkome, ask Lonmin to take responsibility.

They demand from Lonmin to pay reparations to all dependents of the deceased mineworkers and the injured and arrested workers who survived the Marikana Massacre on 16 August 2012. Weiterlesen

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Plough Back the Fruits Campaign challenges British-South African Mining Company

An international alliance formed by Plough Back the Fruits Campaign, London Mining Network, Amnesty International UK and others protested in front of Haberdasher´s Hall before they participated in Lonmin´s Annual General Meeting.

Bishop Seoka from South Africa’s Bench Mark Foundation demanded from the Lonmin as a company to express their regret for their role in the Marikana massacre of 16th of August 2012. Bishop Seoka, Barbara Müller (Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaing – KEESA) and Markus Dufner (Ethical Shareholders Germany) being representatives of Plough Back the Fruits Campaign spent one week in London to challenge institutional shareholders to commit to divesting from Lonmin, if a list of the organisation’s demands will not met by the company before the 5th anniversary of the Marikana masscre. Weiterlesen

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